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  • 2% Mining Fees - 1% To Crypto 2 Mars Dev Fund/1% To Crypto 2 Mars Facuet
  • 100 Confimation Payouts
  • Mining Reward Payment System Runs Every 10 Min.
  • 0.005 YEC Min Payout - Lower balances can be paid by request on our discord or at random.
  • Modern Day / Top Performance Servers
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  • Effective Rig Monitoring System
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  • PPLNT payout system. The PPLNT (Pay per last n timeshares) is similar to PPLNS, but it is based on time slices instead of work slices. Your amount of time spent mining in one round is compared with other miners to determine a period percentage. To qualify your proportional shares, you have to mine at least 51% of the period. For example, if a period is 1h, you have to mine at least 30.6 minutes. If your proportional shares are not qualified, your share count will be reduced. This method is used to reward loyal miners and to discourage pool hoppers.
2MARS Ycash Pool Stats
3 Miners
7 Workers
2.90 KSol/s (Now)
Ycash Network Stats
Block Height: 1966769
Network Hash/s: 20.89 KSol/s
Difficulty: 213.2938033661708
Node Connections: 8
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